I’ve never had a teacher care for me or check up on me before.<3

It was good to see you looking happy at lunch today. I was worried about you. Hope everything is better! <3<3- Mrs.roy

That day when I was crying she was there for me. Asking whats wrong and gave me a hug and asked if there is anything she can do. I didn’t really want to talk to her about it because i thought it was kind off weird and simply asked to go to the bathroom. And today I saw her at lunch so i waved hi and smiled at her. Next thing you know it at 752pm i get a messaged from her saying that above ^. This just made my day. :D


Dammit…should have been this too….lol wow


Beauty And A Beat | Christian Joseph
[R&B Remix]

“Cause all I need, is a beauty and a beat; who can make my life complete. It’s all about you, when the music makes you move. Baby do it like you do.”

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